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Advancing Secure Banking: A Fireside Chat with Staci Shatsoff from the Federal Reserve

In an era where financial security is paramount, join us for "Advancing Secure Banking," a fireside chat that brings insights from Staci Shatsoff,  Assistant Vice President, Payments Improvement at the Federal Reserve. Dive into the nuances of Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF), understand the intricate link between scams and identity theft, and explore the collective efforts needed to strengthen industry collaboration. This enlightening conversation will delve into the Federal Reserve's current priorities and the latest technological advancements in fraud prevention. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a multifaceted perspective on securing the future of banking.


On-Demand Webinar

What We'll Cover:

  • Unpacking SIF: An in-depth look at the current state of Synthetic Identity Fraud, its implications, and the fight against it. 
  • Scams Meet Identity Theft: Examining the connections and consequences of the intersection between common scams and identity fraud. 
  • Collaboration Is Key: The importance of industry-wide cooperation to combat fraud and foster secure banking environments. 
  • Policy and Governance: Discussing future directions, necessary policies, and governance to uphold financial integrity. 
  • Technological Edge: Exploring what excites experts about the latest tech in fraud prevention and how it shapes our defenses. 
  • A Reserve Perspective: Insights from the Federal Reserve on maintaining a robust and secure financial system in the digital age. 


Staci Shatsoff

Staci Shatsoff

Assistant Vice President, Payments Improvement

Staci Shatsoff is Assistant Vice President of Payments Improvement for Federal Reserve Financial Services. In this role, Staci is responsible for leading the execution of programs and strategies that advance payment security and fraud mitigation across the industry through research, outreach, and collaboration efforts.


Staci has 10+ years’ experience in fraud prevention at large FI’s, as well as fraud consulting experience, all within the financial sector. Most recently, Staci worked at a large financial institution where she served as vice president and senior fraud strategy manager, where she led the U.S. digital fraud strategies team.

Staci has a bachelor’s in mathematics and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Nilabh Ohol

Nilabh Ohol

VP of Product, FiVerity

Nilabh Ohol is a seasoned professional with a passion for innovation in the realm of AI and ML with a decade-long journey in Data Science and Analytics . Presently, as the VP of Product at FiVerity, Nilabh lends his expertise to steer AI/ML initiatives and product development. Since taking the helm in 2022, he has played a pivotal role in shaping FiVerity’s product strategy, guiding it towards growth and evolution.