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Catch Me If You Can: Inside the Mind of Sophisticated Fraud with Former Fraudster Alexander Hall

Dive into the world of financial fraud like never before. Join us for a captivating journey "Inside the Mind of Fraud", with former fraudster Alexander Hall. In this session, you'll gain unprecedented access to the tactics and strategies employed by sophisticated fraudsters. Discover how they exploit vulnerabilities and learn firsthand about the techniques driving the surge in complex fraud schemes. If you're eager to strengthen your fraud prevention arsenal and stay steps ahead of cybercriminals, this is a "fireside chat” you won't want to miss. 

On-Demand Webinar

Webinar highlights: 

  • Gain unparalleled insights into the mind of a former fraudster, understanding the tactics that drive the rise in sophisticated fraud. 
  • Explore real-life examples of fraud schemes and how they evolved over the years. 
  • Discover the inner workings of fraud prevention strategies and the importance of staying one step ahead of fraudsters. 
  • Learn from Alexander's personal journey of transformation from a high-level fraudster to a respected fraud prevention expert. 

Who it’s for: 

  • Fraud Prevention Teams: Whether you're part of a dedicated fraud prevention unit or wear multiple hats within your organization, this webinar provides invaluable insights to bolster your efforts. 
  • Fraud Investigators: If you're tasked with delving deep into potential fraud cases, understanding the mind of a former fraudster is a game-changer. Learn the tactics they employ and how to spot them. 
  • Risk Managers: Stay ahead of emerging threats and risks. Discover proactive strategies to fortify your risk management approach. 
  • Compliance Officers: Ensure your organization adheres to the highest compliance standards by gaining insights into evolving fraud tactics. 
  • Financial Security Professionals: Safeguard your institution's assets and reputation by mastering the latest fraud prevention techniques. 


Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall, a former high-level fraudster with a decade-long career in illicit activities, now stands at the forefront of fraud prevention. As the owner of Dispute Defense Consulting, he leverages his unique background, including executing various fraud tactics like Identity Theft, Check Fraud, Credit Card Counterfeiting, PII Manipulation, Social Engineering, and Account Takeovers. Remarkably, Alexander evaded capture and prosecution during his time as a fraudster. Motivated by the birth of his daughter in 2017, he made a remarkable transition into the realm of fraud prevention and subsequently founded Dispute Defense Consulting in 2020. With his unmatched insights into the criminal mindset, Alexander crafts effective strategies that significantly reduce fraud rates and enhance user identification for his clients, ultimately safeguarding their operations and fortifying their financial stability.

Greg Woolf

Greg Woolf


A serial entrepreneur and South Africa native, Greg has more than 20 years of experience running fintech companies. He regularly consults with government agencies on the rise of fraud and founded the Digital Fraud Think Tank, which advised Congress on the use of AI for financial crime detection. Greg contributes articles and case studies to the Federal Reserve’s Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) Mitigation Toolkit, and served on the Boston Fed’s work group to define an industry standard for SIF.