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FiVerity A Shark Tank Winner!

FSISAC Americas Spring Virtual Summit

Today at the FS-ISAC Americas Spring Summit, FiVerity CEO Greg Woolf was selected by PNC Bank to provide a Proof of Concept (POC) following “Tempt the Titans”. This Shark Tank-styled competition for cybersecurity startups featured a panel of judges including Robert Herjavec of Herjavec Group and Shark Tank; Steve Sparkes of Bank of America; Debbie Guild of PNC; and Alvaro Garrido of BBVA (Madrid).

FiVerity was ​one of five startups selected to participate in “Tempt the Titans”. Each participant outlined their company’s technology solution in order to get the prized selection. In FiVerity’s case, Greg Woolf highlighted the rising issue of synthetic identity fraud (#SIF) and FiVerity’s machine language-driven software solution to combat it. 

This was an exciting event and FiVerity was honored to be a part of it!