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Stopping Fraud through Collaboration: How to Harness the Power of Equifax Data with FiVerity for Improved Fraud Detection

Join us for an informational webinar that explores industry-specific fraud trends and advanced techniques for expediting the investigation of fraud, featuring insights on how native Equifax data empowers the FiVerity platform to accelerate investigation times and enhance fraud detection.

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On-Demand Webinar

Who it’s for: 

  • Fraud Team Leaders 
  • Fraud Investigators 
  • Risk Management Professionals 
  • Compliance Officers 
  • Financial Institution Security Experts 

What We'll Cover: 

  • The Role of Data: Discover the crucial role data plays in identifying and preventing fraud. Understand how Equifax data enriches the FiVerity platform and the real-world impact it has on investigations. 
  • Data Security: Address concerns around data privacy and security. Learn about the stringent measures taken to ensure safe and compliant data usage. 
  • Machine Learning in Fraud Prevention: Gain insights into how machine learning predicts potential fraud, helping teams take proactive measures to prevent it. 
  • Collaborative Intelligence: Understand the concept of collaborative intelligence and how institutions can securely share fraud intelligence to combat fraud more effectively. 
  • Integration Process: Get a clear picture of the integration and implementation process of Equifax data into the FiVerity platform.  
  • Future Trends: Explore upcoming trends and technologies that will shape the future of fraud prevention and investigation. 


Jason Hogsed

Jason Hogsed

VP Product, Identity, and Fraud, Equifax

Jason Hogsed joined Equifax over 3 years ago as VP of Fraud Operations and Monitoring. In his most current role as VP of Identity and Fraud Products, he is responsible for leading new product innovation strategies and product deployment, and specializes in actionable insights solutions that can be used across multiple industries. Jason has 25 years of identity & fraud prevention experience and has worked at various companies including StubHub and Verizon Wireless. He is experienced in delivering solutions in e-commerce risk, fraud, identity, trust & safety, operations, policies, payments, vendor management, and financial services. He is known for providing strategic risk vision, efficient operations, technology roadmaps, and budgetary responsibilities. 

Greg Woolf

Greg Woolf

Founder & CEO, FiVerity

A serial entrepreneur and South Africa native, Greg has more than 20 years of experience running fintech companies. He regularly consults with government agencies on the rise of fraud and founded the Digital Fraud Think Tank, which advised Congress on the use of AI for financial crime detection. Greg contributes articles and case studies to the Federal Reserve’s Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) Mitigation Toolkit, and served on the Boston Fed’s work group to define an industry standard for SIF.

Nilabh Ohol

Nilabh Ohol

VP Data Strategy, FiVerity

As VP Data Strategy at FiVerity, Nilabh is in charge of machine-learning and product strategy. With a Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and over 8 years of experience in data science and analytics, Nilabh has an acute understanding of how to garner impact from large datasets.