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Insider Strategies for Fighting Fraud in 2024

Spearheaded by Alexander Hall, who has pivoted from a career in fraud to one in fraud prevention, this session zeroes in on the critical vulnerabilities targeted by fraudsters and how to stop them. From initial account creation to the moment a transaction is made, Alexander provides strategic defenses against these exploitations, arming you with the knowledge to bolster your institution's fraud prevention measures. 



On-Demand Webinar

Who It's For:

  • Small and Medium-Sized Financial Intuition Leaders

  • Fraud Professionals

  • Compliance and Risk Professionals  


Things You'll Learn:

  • The latest trends in fraud method development and the use of personal and financial data for illegal activities.

  • Insights into the fraudster's perspective on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities within financial systems.

  • Strategies for creating a robust defense at every customer interaction touchpoint, aligning them with known vulnerabilities.  


Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall, a former high-level fraudster with a decade-long career in illicit activities, now stands at the forefront of fraud prevention. As the owner of Dispute Defense Consulting, he leverages his unique background, including executing various fraud tactics like Identity Theft, Check Fraud, Credit Card Counterfeiting, PII Manipulation, Social Engineering, and Account Takeovers. Remarkably, Alexander evaded capture and prosecution during his time as a fraudster. Motivated by the birth of his daughter in 2017, he made a remarkable transition into the realm of fraud prevention and subsequently founded Dispute Defense Consulting in 2020. With his unmatched insights into the criminal mindset, Alexander crafts effective strategies that significantly reduce fraud rates and enhance user identification for his clients, ultimately safeguarding their operations and fortifying their financial stability.