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Confident Growth via Secure Fraud Management

FiVerity, Intel Corporation, and Fortanix teamed up to create this eBook on Confidential Computing and how it resolves data privacy concerns and provides secure access to new identity verification tools. 

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In this eBook, we’ll explore how Confidential Computing provides secure access to new tools to verify the identities of new and existing customers. We’ll also review how Confidential Computing resolves data privacy and competitive concerns that have held back information sharing, which is proven to be a highly effective form of fraud detection.


  • Online growth tempered by digital fraud
  • Confidential Computing: the basics
  • Threats to data, and the importance of
  • protecting data while in use
"While the adoption of Confidential Computing has a number of implications for financial services, I think its biggest impact will be on digital fraud detection and prevention. It gives banks secure access to aggregated models that simply didn’t exist until recently."

Greg Woolf, Founder & CEO, FiVerity

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Learn how organizations can confidently grow with secure fraud management. This eBook covers:

  1. Online growth and how it is threatened by digital fraud
  2. Holistic fraud analytics - data privacy and bad actors
  3.  Confidential Computing - what it is, what it enables, and how it's set to change the game 
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