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Challenger Banks and Frictionless Onboarding:
A Double Edged Sword

How Challenger Banks Can Manage Fraud and Cybersecurity Incidents to Refocus on Growth

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This eBook covers the factors that make challenger banks susceptible to fraud, as well as the approaches and technologies that can help them grow confidently by managing threats and acquiring real customers.

The pandemic-fueled  rise in fraud
Why challenger banks are targeted 
The types of fraud  that focus on challenger banks
Fighting back: approaches and solutions 

Avg Fraud Rate
"The biggest underestimated issue in digital banking is the potential for fraud. Since we began our efforts to deliver a digital solution, we’ve put fraud and risk management at the forefront of everything."

Michael Butler, President & CEO, Grasshopper Bank

ACH Fraud

Review the factors that led to massive amounts of fraud and cybersecurity attacks targeting challenger banks

  • The pandemic and rise of online banking
  • Rushed digital transformation across the industry
  • How fraudsters take advantage of new technologies
Identiy Fraud Reps by Yr2