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Ebook: Sharing Fraud Intelligence Across Financial Institutions

While financial institutions have long expressed interest in teaming up, they have been stopped by 3 major obstacles. This ebook outlines these roadblocks, the current state of collaboration, and new ways for financial institutions to work across organizations. 

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This report will arm you with knowledge on:

  • The lifecycle of a synthetic identity fraud profile
  • Obstacles to intelligence sharing
  • Fusion centers: a step in the right direction 
  • Next-gen collaboration, to team up against fraudsters 



20 B
"Synthetic identity fraud is not a problem that any one organization or industry can tackle independently, given its far-reaching effects on the U.S. financial system, private industries, government entities, and consumers."

The Federal Reserve Bank

Lifecycle of SIF


Gain insight into the lifecycle of a SIF profile including:

  • Number of open tradelines
  • Average bust-out 
  • Credit limits
  • Number of institutions defrauded