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DCU Improves Digital Fraud Fighting Effectiveness with FiVerity 

Synthetic identity fraud is one of the biggest problems facing consumer lending institutions and e-commerce companies today. This case study outlines how a major credit union came to adopt FiVerity's digital fraud solution.

Download the case study

Learn about DCU's adoption of FiVerity's SIF Detect solution and:

  • DCU's background
  • A retroactive study on a crime ring that targeted DCU
  • How traditional fraud models weren't effective at detecting SIF
  • The solution they found in FiVerity
  • Results to date 
“When DCU initially evaluated the FiVerity platform, leadership was impressed with the adaptability of the AI-based models and relative ease of deployment – setting it apart from other solutions. Now that it has been in production with daily, hands-on use by our FraudInvestigation team, we've only grown more impressed with the system. We're very much looking forward to expanding our use of it, including more of its unique, collaborative features.”

Gregg Stephens, Fraud & BSA Manager of DCU