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Webinar: Sharing Intel to Combat Cyber Fraud

Please join us on October 26 at 1pm EDT for a panel discussion on the dire need for information sharing in the face of increased cyber fraud threats, and potential solutions to the regulatory and logistical concerns that have stalled these efforts.

PwC & Visa 

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Doug Levin

Doug Levin

Executive Chairman of FiVerity, Startup Advisor & Investor

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Frank Badalamenti

Frank Badalamenti

Principal - Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics, Financial Crimes Unit

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Dustin White

Dustin White

Global Head of Risk Analytics & Platforms

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Although financial institutions have long expressed interest in collaborating with one another in order to combat fraud, compliance, competition and logistical concerns have stalled even basic information sharing.  

FiVerity’s next webinar in the Cyber Fraud Intelligence series explores challenges to collaboration, potential solutions based on advanced technology, and the dire need for information sharing in the face of increased cyber fraud threats. 

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Please join us on October 26 at 1pm EDT for a brief but in-depth discussion on the challenges and solutions to increased collaboration among consumer lenders. The webinar will cover:  

  • Existing practices for sharing information (such as “sneakernets”)  
  • Challenges including regulatory requirements, reputational and competitive concerns
  • Cyber Fraud threats that make collaboration more crucial than ever  
  • Regulatory changes meant to encourage sharing and why they haven’t succeeded  
  • Technology solutions to facilitate the sharing of fraudster profiles while protecting consumer data

“No single organization can stop synthetic identity fraud on its own. Fraudster tactics continually evolve to stay a step ahead of detection – and the most sophisticated fraudsters can operate at scale in organized crime rings, generating significant losses for the payments industry. It is imperative that payments industry stakeholders work together, share information and keep up with the threat.”

Federal Reserve Board
Payments Fraud Insights
July 2020

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This is the third webinar in FiVerity's Cyber Fraud Intelligence series. You're invited to view on-demand recordings of previous sessions on FinCEN's Cybercrime Priorities in a Post-Covid World and Defining the Synthetic Identity Fraud Threat.