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Unlocking Network Pattern Insights: A Deep Dive into Modern Fraud Detection

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, fraudsters employ increasingly sophisticated methods, leaving many organizations grappling to keep pace. It's no longer about isolated incidents; it's about the intricate web of patterns that only become discernible when looked at as part of a larger network. 

Join us for an overview of our most recent network pattern findings derived from real-world fraud examples. Through this session, attendees will: 

  • Discover the latest trends in fraudulent tactics and the power of network patterns in unveiling them.
  • Witness a live demonstration of the FiVerity platform in action, showcasing its prowess in detecting these complex patterns.
  • Learn how FiVerity's platform goes beyond traditional fraud detection, providing a holistic view that gives organizations the upper hand against fraud. 

On-Demand Webinar

Featured Speakers:

Nilabh Ohol, Ph.D.

Nilabh Ohol, Ph.D.


As VP of Data at FiVERITY, Nilabh is in charge of machine-learning and product strategy. With a Ph.D. in applied statistics and over 8 years of experience in Data Science and Analytics, Nilabh has an acute understanding of how to garner impact from large datasets. ​

Denise Purtzer

Denise Purtzer


Denise loves to connect the right people to make things happen. As VP of Sales & Partnerships, Denise is part of the FiVerity executive leadership team working directly with partners and clients. Denise has more than 22 years in the fintech industry which has taken her around the globe, giving a greater understanding of payments, fraud and business workings of SMB to Enterprise level clients. Previous roles have been in early startup payments as the first member hired to the team to launch the business, as well as a global fraud company helping grow and execute IPO.