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Headquartered in Boston, FiVerity, Inc. develops and markets AI- and machine learning software solutions that detect new and emerging forms of cyber fraud and deliver actionable, proactive threat intelligence.

At FiVerity it is our mission to bring industry leading AI solutions, so customers can identify and prevent both existing and new types of fraud much more quickly and thoroughly than they can today.

FiVerity’s products meet the unique requirements of financial institutions, including banks and credit unions. The company’s solutions help financial institutions strengthen, streamline, and scale their consumer-facing business processes, such as application processing, credit verification, and customer onboarding. With its predictive and proactive approach, FiVerity’s solutions help customers to improve their internal processes to reduce losses from fraud and drive faster, and more profitable and sustainable growth.
FiVerity also founded the Boston AI Think Tank, which is focused on exploring how AI can be used to improve financial crime detection. Thanks to the active involvement of thought leaders from major financial services organizations, government agencies such as the Federal Reserve, financial industry regulators, and top academic institutions like Boston University, the group is making great strides in the fight against Cyber Fraud.
It is our mission at FiVerity to bring together our deep and diverse backgrounds in the Financial Services space, while creating a culture of authenticity and respect of our peers, partners, and customers.
Management Team
Greg Woolf
Founder & CEO
Doug Levin
Executive Chairman
Allison Arvizu
Executive Vice President of Sales
VP Engineering
Suresh Kumar
Management Team
Mark Sievewright
Founder Sievewright & Associates


Charles V. Senatore
Senior Advisor Fidelity Former SEC Director


Rahul Sekhon
Former CTO Sun Life Financial