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What do we do?

With fraudsters getting more sophisticated in the digital space, current fraud detection tools do not always keep up, and can even cause data overload.   

FiVerity’s Anti-Fraud Collaboration platform overlays existing fraud solutions, external data sources, and internally generated fraud scores, with data from anti-fraud and cybersecurity teams and real-time marketplace activity. This makes sense of overwhelming data and provides a comprehensive view of all digital fraud data within an organization.  

 FiVerity puts data security at the forefront by using double-blind encryption through Confidential Computing. We work with Intel® Software Guard Extensions and Fortanix to provide financial institutions with a new level of protection for sensitive customer data, and improved control over its access. This ensures that personally identifiable information is kept confidential and in compliance.


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Who do we work with?

  • Global Banks 
  •  Digital First Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Fintechs including: Buy Now Pay Later, Crypto, other Digital Assets

    Our Current Use Cases:

  • Real-time information sharing 
  • Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) 
  • Account Opening across personal loans, credit cards, etc. 
  • Commercial Accounts 

What would a partnership with look like?

A partnership with FiVerity provides better ways to fight all Digital fraud. 

Technology Partners

Combining your technology with FiVerity to bring a more comprehensive solution to clients.  Technology partners integrate two separate technologies making it easier for clients to adopt both solutions, saving time and budget.

Referral/GoToMarket Partnership 

We select partners who have the same target audience and the best of breed solution in their industry make trusted recommendations to clients to solve problems they may have.  Whether you are a consultant, agency or complimentary technology, clients appreciate introductions to help solve some of the challenges that occur in the digital environment.

Interested in Partnering with FiVerity? Reach out!

Our Partners

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