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FiVerity’s collaborative system assembles the collective knowledge of financial institutions, regulators, and law enforcement on digital fraud – sharing information on fraudulent identities without violating consumer privacy laws.


Named as the category leader for Effectiveness & Impact in the 2022 FDIC and FinCEN Tech Sprint

"Digital Identity Proofing for Remote Banking Customers"


Collaboration at Our Core

Although banks have long expressed interest in collaborating to combat fraud and legislation like the Patriot Act encourages information sharing, some significant issues held institutions back. FiVerity was engineered to address these issues and bring the full weight of the industry against digital fraud.


Super-Encrypted PII

Security Nodes protect participant PII data and provide secure access to the Fraud Network. PII data is encrypted and anonymized by Security Nodes before being sent to the Network, so no consumer data is ever shared directly.

Fighting Fraud While Maintaining Data Privacy

The Digital Fraud Network utilizes a secure communication platform to share fraud intelligence within the community, preventing fraud before it materializes while protecting all personally identifiable information (PII).


Built for Speed

FiVerity Secure APIs connect via the cloud, speeding up the integration of loan applications, credit information, and other account origination data. This enables faster, more accurate, and more actionable intelligence for financial institutions.

Not Just for the Big Banks

The Digital Fraud Network provides critical alerts to SIF activity for financial institutions of any size. As noted by the Federal Reserve, information sharing is particularly important for financial institutions of all sizes, including community banks and credit unions, which may have fewer technological and fraud-fighting resources.

“I don’t think I’m overstating it by saying ‘truly it’s been transformational. I think that is really the fair and best way to describe it... We need to share, and we need to collaborate. .. So how can we do that as securely as possible?”

Gregg Stephens
Fraud & BSA Manager, Digital Federal Credit Union