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The FiVerity Identity Trust Management Platform

Stop fraud with a collaborative, intelligent, and automated approach

Collaborate and Conquer:
The Future of Identity Trust

The FiVerity Platform enables collaboration between financial institutions, data providers, and anti-fraud solutions through the anonymized exchange of fraud intelligence.


Real-time Information Sharing

Provides proactive alerts through the anonymized exchange of fraud intelligence.

  • PII Secure, Anonymized fraud sharing
  • Seamless integration into your existing workflows
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting

Adaptive Fraud Risk Scoring

Identifies patterns of fraud across the network of aggregated data sources.

  • Expert-assisted machine learning algorithms
  • Fraud attribute transparency and data enrichment
  • Prioritized alerts with automated application processing

Risk-Indicator Transparency

Instant human visibility into fraud patterns for validation and expansion of fraud identification.

  • True human-in-the-loop workflows
  • API access integrates with existing systems and internal risk models
  • In-app flags are fed back into the system for updated processing

Real-Time Fraud Identification

Instant network alerts from multiple sources signal fraudulent accounts before they spread.

Adaptive Risk Scoring

Advanced machine learning algorithms expose emerging fraud patterns across the network and prevent fraud before it occurs.

Streamlined Automation

Flexible integration, prioritized alerts, and guided reviews to act on issues quickly and with limited resources.

Expert-assisted Machine Learning

Smarter detection algorithms that start with input from industry experts, utilizing insights that inform how and where to look for fraud.

Attribute Transparency and Data Enrichment

Beyond just providing a 0-100 risk score, FiVerity provides additional context, such as the signal that led us to suspect fraud, to help you investigate and resolve suspected fraud faster.


Government Recognition

FiVerity was recognized for Effectiveness and Impact in the FDIC/FinCEN Spring 2022 TechSprint.


We’re In It Together

FiVerity’s Digital Fraud Network leverages the collective intelligence of other financial institutions, data providers, and anti-fraud solutions.

How does it work?



Submit a persona (or group of personas) to the FiVerity Platform for validation. All PII is anonymized and encrypted by security nodes.


The FiVerity Platform also collects anonymized data from other sources, including other financial institutions, data partners, and partner consortiums.


FiVerity expert-assisted Machine Learning is used to analyze submitted data and identify likely fraud.


FiVerity returns a risk score along with contextual data including the signal and makeup of the fraudulent account.


FiVerity automation alerts you to potential fraud and guides you through review and resolution.

As this cycle is repeated, the platform becomes more intelligent, creating a virtuous cycle to help identify more fraud faster with fewer false positives.

Learn how FiVerity detected and prevented more than $1.8 million in fraudulent activity for DCU

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“With FiVerity, it really only takes me about ten minutes to determine if it's fraud. we're able to stop it even before it gets opened. It's a huge time saver. And really, it saves DCU millions of dollars.”

Kelley Donnelly, Fraud Analyst

Digital Federal Credit Union