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Cyber Fraud Intelligence

Tailored to fraud and cybersecurity professionals, the CFI series explores the latest in the convergence of theft-related fraud and sophisticated cyber attacks.
A Growing Threat

Requires a New Approach

Unlike fraudulent actors of the past, cyber fraud is perpetuated by global criminal organizations with significant resources and technical skill. To identify these evolving threats, FiVerity brings a layer of machine learning that enhances existing rule-based verification systems.

FiVerity’s Cyber Fraud Networkacts on fraud detected within consumer lending institutions, financial regulators, and shared with law enforcement agencies. 


Protection Throughout Your Business

FiVerity helps financial institutions strengthen a range of consumer-facing business processes. See the industries FiVerity supports and the specific processes we can help you improve.


Account Opening

Quickly confirm identities to increase throughput for new applications 


Consumer Lending

Review your existing loan portfolio to find any current fraudulent accounts 


Credit Collections

Identify unrecoverable SIF profiles to focus resources on legitimate accounts 

Cyber Fraud Defense via Industry Collaboration

FiVerity’s Cyber Fraud Network facilitates the secure exchange of fraud intelligence between consumer lending institutions, while preserving the privacy of personally identifiable consumer information. See how FiVerity enables collaboration among financial institutions in the fight against cyber fraud.



among banks, credit unions and credit card processors



with federal regulators and law enforcement agencies



of personally identifiable consumer information

A Community of Experts

FiVerity partners with an expert community of analysts and investigators to identify and implement best practices for cyber fraud detection and information sharing.

SIF V_14
Synthetic Identity Fraud:

A New Front in the Cyber Fraud War

Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the U.S., according to McKinsey & Company. It’s both a fraud and cybersecurity crime that is responsible for a staggering amount of credit losses. Global criminal organizations create these synthetic accounts from social media and compromised identities on the dark web. Billions are stolen from consumer lending institutions to fund human trafficking, illegal drug production, and other crimes.


Estimated Losses

to U.S. financial institutions in 2020


of Fraud Loan Losses

are now attributable to SIF


Synthetic Identity Fraud in a Nutshell

Read the white paper to understand the sources and impacts of SIF schemes, as well as the solutions required to combat this unique threat.

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Awards & Recognition

"Synthetic Identity Fraud is not a problem that any one organization or industry can tackle independently, given its far-reaching effects on the U.S. financial system, private industries, government entities and consumers."

The Federal Reserve
"Payments Fraud Insights", July 2020