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The cyber threat landscape is becoming more complex

Cybercrime is predicted to inflict damages totaling $6 trillion USD globally in 2021. The anti-fraud outlook for 2021 is evolving but synthetic identity fraud (SIF) dominates fraud schemes. The attacks are relentless and varied. According to the Federal Reserve, SIF has become the fastest-growing type of cyber fraud in the financial sector, projected to cost the industry more than $30B in 2021.

Join industry experts Mark Sievewright, CEO and Founder of Mark Sievewright & Associates, Greg Woolf, CEO of FiVerity, Inc., Pete Cordero, CEO of Hacking The Cyber Threat, LLC  for insights into the cyber threat landscape, current attack trends and actionable ways you can mitigate cyber-attack risks.

Discussion topics include:

  • Cyber Threat Actors
  • COVID-19 Cybersecurity Impact
  • Sophisticated Cyber Attacks Explained
  • Today’s Biggest Cyber Threats
  • How AI/Machine Learning Can Impact Fraud Management
  • How Collaboration is the Key to Helping Combat Cyber Fraud