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Harvard Business School and The Laboratory for Innovation in Science at Harvard (LISH) recently held a webinar, “AI in Enterprise,” featuring FiVerity’s CEO, Greg WoolfSenso.ai CEO, Saroop Bharwanil, and moderator, Sara Fleiss. They discussed their knowledge on ways the industry is adapting to #machinelearning.

Link to access the event: https://bit.ly/3o2HPZv

Greg discussed FiVerity’s approach of “scaling the analyst,” which brings the human intelligence into the process, vs. using the “big data approach”. Also how FiVerity shares patterns of cyber fraud and then once known fraudsters are identified, sharing those identities in a PII data privacy safe mechanism. Lastly, he discussed FiVerity’s support and engagement with government to learn what the industry is looking for and preparing for regulatory changes ahead. 

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